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Bo - first dog USA

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First DogSee photos of the Obamas welcoming their new dog to the White House, and download high resolution versions.In case anybody is wondering, Bo is a boy.

In Deutschland haben wir keinen "ersten Hund des Staates", jedenfalls nicht in Form eines Hundes. Dafür gibt es aber in Deutschland den Hund Cäsar, der täglich sein Tagebuch auf seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Schaut es Euch doch mal an.

First Dog Obama

The United States proudly present: their one and only „First Dog“! A black and white Portuguese water dog named „Bo“ found his way into the White House after Easter holidays. It is the first puppy owned by the Obama family and the delivery of a promise President Obama made to his daughters Malia, 10, and Sasha, 7, during election campaign. Bo is six month old and has already introduced himself to the press corps on Tuesday, April 14. „He's got star quality“, President Obama said. First Dog Bo is a gift from Massachusetts Senator Edward M. Kennedy, who himself owns a Portuguese water dog. The selection of the dog was a long kept secret inside the White House.

The Obamas were looking for dogs in animal shelters, but when the Kennedys offered to gift Bo, they accepted because it was a match to Malias health problems. Malia suffers of certain allergies, so the dog had to be hypoallergenic. President Obama was criticized by animal activists for not taking a dog from an animal shelter, because they believe that dogs should not be breeded until all shelter dogs have found good homes. But breeded dogs are often the only choice when it comes to suffering allergies such in the case of Malia. Most allergies are caused by dander – the dead skin - all dogs produce – some more and some less. To avoid allergic reactions like sneezing and itchy eyes it is recommended to brush and bath the dog frequently in order to keep it clean and free of dust.

The White House is the fourth home of First Dog Bo. He was born in Texas, then moved to his first home in Washington, D.C. His first owner had to give him up because the puppy didn't get along with the owners other dog. After that, he spent about a month with Senator Kennedy's dog trainer before moving into the home of the Obama family.

First Dog Bo had been trained by a professional dog trainer one month prior to his entry in his famous new home while the Obamas spent time in Europe. He had to learn obedience and accept his humans as the leaders of the pack. This hopefully will prevent any attacks to the valuable historical furniture in the White House, like the President's desk which was made from the timbers of a 19th-century British warship. Changing homes can be a very traumatic experience for a puppy. Therefore the Obamas should take advice of animal trainers such as taking them for lang walks, feeding them only when they are hungry so that they learn that their „human parents“ help him to get food and water. These measures can help to prevent disorientation for the dogs in their new home. Establishing routines make them calm down.

Bo was originally named „Charlie“ by its first owner. Malia and Sasha renamed him „Bo“ after mom Michelle's father, whose nickname was „Diddley“ - a reference to the famous singer „Bo Diddley.“
Portuguese water dogs once helped the fishermen along the Portugal's coast to herd the fish in their nets. They also acted as couriers from ship to ship as they are very good swimmers.

Portuguese water dogs are very active and need a lot of attention and maintenance. So hide away your shoes Mister President!