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Bo - first dog USA

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First Dog

Meet Bo, the First DogSee photos of the Obamas welcoming their new dog to the White House, and download high resolution versions.In case anybody is wondering, Bo is a boy.

In Deutschland haben wir keinen "ersten Hund des Staates", jedenfalls nicht in Form eines Hundes. Dafür gibt es aber in Deutschland den Hund Cäsar, der täglich sein Tagebuch auf seiner Webseite veröffentlicht. Schaut es Euch doch mal an.

first dog white house

The White House has a new star. It is the first dog who now lives there. It's name is "Bo",six month young and present of Ted Kennedy for Obama's Daughters, Malia and Sasha. The presidential family is completely delighted about her new occupant because Bo is already housebroken and also does not nibble the pieces of furniture in the White House. He has received lessons in good behaviour from the dog trainer of the Kennedy's family.

Obamas daughters have closed the dog already in her small hearts. However, life is not easy for Bo in The White House because Barak Obama has put up clear rules for the four-legged friend.

Every members of the family have to help when Bo want's to go out in the morning, noon or evening, the president fixed. And there are clear other bans, for example where it's allowed for Bo to sleep. In his bed of course not, clarified Obama.

Another conflict will be their new garden project which is in danger, because their housewife Michelle heard that this race likes tomatoes. Nevertheless the president puts away with pleasure that "Bo" is something special: "He is a star, he has star qualities."

Now, in any case, both girls have a new job. They will have a lot of work with the education of the first dog in the White House. Despite the fact that Bob is a Portuguese water dog he cannot swim, so he has to learn it.

The first dog in the White House is is only six month-old, but has come round quite far. "Bo" was born in Texas, then some time lived in Washington and came afterwards to Senator Ted Kennedy. The White House is Bo's fourth home in his six months of life, therefore he could become disoriented. The best thing The Obamas can do now for Bo is for example to walk and play with him a lot, and before he eats he should have to be hungry. So he will understand that his new masters just will help him for activity, food and water. Upto the age of abt 4 or 5 years The Obama Family will have a lot of fun at the White House bcs Bo will be very frisky.

By the way, do know where the name Bo comes from? Many people think from the initials of Barak Obama but it's only an illusion to "Bo Diddley", an american Rock 'n' Roll- und Blues-legend.

The Portuguese water, in originally named Cão de Água Português, is a Medium-sized and massive dog. Typically for this race is that the whole body is richly covered by resistant hair without unterwool. Therefore this race of dogs are suited very well for animal hair allergy sufferer. For sure it was a criterion for Obama, because both daughters Sasha and Malia both are allergic.
There can be two different variations: corrugated long hair and shorter curled hair, plain or multicolored. Bo has black fur, a white breast, white paws and a white goatee.

His character is discribed as a violent temperament, unconventionally, proudly, modestly and untiringly dog. He is very intelligent and understands all orders of his master and obeys them.
On account of his good traits he often is used in Portugal and America also as a therapy dog. Just in dealing with children they turn out exceptionally thoughtful with a very high irritant threshold.